Introducing Mini-App Cometbooks

I have been working on three months, just a simple app, that made me easier to discover books in my iPhone. I found their API with Library Genesis, well this website claimed they are 'Shadow Library', helping across the world find the open knowledge, you can find fiction books from famous author too.

I called the app Cometbooks, inspired by Cometbus from the author you may not know, He's punk writer, been freelance drummer for Green Day.

Three key features you should see there

  1. In the first tab, you may see Latest to see what their community uploaded for the last minutes. Gonna get books with various languages, especially Russian, I also surprised there are books from Indonesian, most of them are research papers, scientific books, It's a first priority for them

  2. Second tab, you may into Search, search is your personal discover, what books you're into, you clicked into search bar, typing the title or the author, see is there any books that match with your interested. If you're really lost, there are selected categories may help you to visit, It's also showing the newest first. Except the fiction, we're looking around to add into the categories.

  3. Last, you have your own Library, this is where you keep the books, if you tried to get the books offline, Cometbooks for now doesn't have Reader feature, for format ePub and PDF, but you can share to the other apps to read, from Books app in iOS or the other app reader you download in the App Store

Cometbooks using credit downloads, a ticket for downloading the books, every time user downloaded the books, the credit reduced every 2 points, you can add more credit downloads with listed pricing, except for Platinum Archivist user, they getting unlimited downloads forever.

Why Cometbooks using credit downloads, It's for supporting the library in development and resources, so they can keep their server running up.

Cometbooks aren't available for US, Canada and some of the most Europe countries. Soon It will support many languages.

Enjoy your discover. Coming soon on App Store

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