Bear on Space

At least we have a target with the money on head there, the bear chilling on space huh?

Do you feel sorry about that

Blame the internals whose put the price on head

We just freelance...

"Horaay.. We're on TV" The kid monitoring our execution, what should they do with the bear.. since the Satellite Corporate make force him flying to space, not to disturb their satellite since three months.

"I heard the story.. this Bear ruins entire capitals in Earth"

I feel bad about this situation, can we just change the target since It's a Bear, I never thought animal gonna chilling out on Space. He looks happy, I wanna deliver this bear some our instant noodles, since I hate those foods.

Maybe the bear also thinking of the real food here, then a sudden a radio disturbed from Non-profit organization channel... "Beware my bounty hunters, don't hurt any kind of this lovelybear's body. We try to make understanding with the corporate, this bear need to stay live, we brought some meats.. Can you help us to bring back to Earth, we have budgets to pay you guys from Space Nations."

Amanda smiled big "Thanks god, there are still someone in the side group. So Nash are u in?" - Whatever It is, I just wanna trust you, so what about the government army here?"

Please prepare the weapon of you, we wanna make sure the Bear don't overcome his emotion with this violence.

A violence huh what you said, these are our essential jobs, Amanda turned to his attack mode. I gave you the pressure.

Nash feel embarassed what does he doing "I don't expect bounty hunting also protect the Bear.. I really love this job." Nash also turned to attack mode, with his Wings "At least, there are whose wanna feed my jet.." Swooosh flying, his curve wing try to threat government's air units.

One of the non-profit leader said "Give the space for the bear around 10km, so the bear not at making a stress.."

We knew this situation, we also have a cat that so sensitive with hungry in his belly, just in case, we tried not to fire the enemy's plane."

Amanda called operator "Can you project please, which safety we can go with this enemy's plan beside not firing them..."

"Okay My Honey.. I tried to interrupt their network while being defense, we wanna make them emergency landing in somewhere of Earth, we inject the fatal into their internals"

Amanda sweep in her fakee smile "Yaa honey, okay be fast.. We're waiting here"

Around twenty minutes, they tried to make sure ...

Coming soon..

As soon as, we get in to the earth force. Catching from the flying plane of small government, we never thought, this landscape has illusion, we took a bait trap there, something a gate that disturb our network engine

Sorry, the story goes unfinished.


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