Case of Social Media Addiction

This conversation is a piece of fiction

So whats your problem?

I am addicted to social media..

Tell me more

I really hooked into Instagram, I scrolled many times contents and following many accounts, some of them old friends, hoping get followed back and many artists I get suggested, interested for me to follow, I sometimes feel hurt when they go to a vacation, meeting with the friends, or feel better to me.

Beside social media, what’s your day like?

I works around morning at 8am, go to office, have lunch with work partners, most of day spend with it then continue works until 5pm, then heading to home, get a rest, watching TV or Netflix and sleep night. That’s all.

What’s the time you addicted to social media?

Around the work office, when I feel distracted or lost focus, I hooked into my smartphone, opened Instagram, taking the like, chatting somebody that mostly didn’t get the responds.

When you realize you addicted do social media?

When I started frustrated with people there, exhausting and feel jealousy and overthinking with myself, doubting about me, worrying about the future, people just achieve something easily, why I’m still looping around, afraid of my family getting pretended not special with me

That’s all?

Yeah, thats all. So you thinking about yourself now? Any effort?

Exactly I’m overthinking myself, well I have so many dreams to get a big house, a good car, beautiful wife and free of financial long term. That’s what I doubt, Can I achieve something those like my friends doing travel around vacation, something like that.

No, I mean any effort to prevent addiction social media for now?

Yeah I have been doing turning off notification, It still doesn’t work, I’m still catching up ahead with my smartphone than expecting the notification, checked who likes my photos or video. Then, I also deleted my apps, but also It seems doesn’t work for me. I can access Instagram on the web, seems I can enjoy scrolling more with a mouse, you know you can also upload a photo there from PC, even I can stalks someone in a story without seeing the story. That’s a cool way, anyway Instagram on the web. That’s all efforts for me to try to minimize.

Tell me about your works, what are you doing in weekdays for the company?

Most of my day, input the data and making a strategy plan with work partners, join a meeting with clients, research the data, catching the deadline from the roadmap project, my company serve consulting business for finance management, most of our clients are bankers and asset companies. Sure I love those job, good money, I can pay full of my credit cards.

So you can handle the stress of work than social media?

I can say yes, It’s been four years since joined, I also achieved into senior role in research department. Sounds like I have been get achievements there, It also didn’t work out well, somehow I also worrying myself, afraid not can do what the teams expect I can contribute, stress maybe full of unfinished works I have to catch on before days, but I can pass through, support from my work friends. Maybe, we always complain each other so we also can motivate between us.

Sure, that’s better. Do you have any hobbies except work?

Can Shopping and hang out with friends also marked as hobbies? - Since I wasn't good with my hands anyway, the rest of my weekend just sleeping, watching series and taking a laundry. I’m proud of me selecting some good Cafe here for my friends, before recommended to them, I always encourage myself hang out alone and somehow just listened to music by myself, and pretending being peaces on Instagram, uploaded a photo to my stories, where am I right now, so my friend curious about this place and we gonna take the list for weekend hangout.

That’s good. So until now you keep hang out alone? that after realizing addiction social media

I’m still keep with it, since I can’t do something in my apartment, except watched Netflix and orders a Pizza, but It’s been three weeks I didn’t do a kind of weekend time alone, my family from my mom side have been invited me taking a dining out with my family recently, well I can’t share similar stories like between us, I just share what’s been positive for me, so I can proud them, not to worrying me for the moments.

Where are your parents now?

They are good, they lives in a small city same as they grow me since a bad baby born, living peaces with neighborhoods, yeah I have to catch two flights return for my childish live, as long as my mother happy, I wish their best. My last visit, when I got the long holiday, we celebrated Lebaran Day every year. So my current time, especially wonderful time always depends on my schedules with the company.

You are worrying your family. It's beautiful. Did you ever writing your concern in social media? Family Issues or with Friends?

No, It’s too dangerous for me, It’s gonna embarrass myself, well I saw some friends sharing quotes, passive which they tried to talking about themselves, I don’t know why they do that, they must be looking for attentions, when I saw it, looks good for me, It may improve about myself, relationship or finance? - Are they pretending share these contents are good for your followers?, they just exciting after saw this reflect my reality? - That’s why when I saw my friend's stories, It’s about them, not information for us.

So for the moments, between our conversation, looks like you solved this problem

You got me thinking, huh

Lol, It’s between us, you can tell me anything

Continue from me...

So, I really interested how you saw this, you know how this works on social media, you got friend’s feeling, one thing I should remind here, let's be control of yourself in front of screen, minimize your habit in a smartphone, change with a small habit. It’s really hard when you want to change your habit and no big deal after I listened to your story, you got the social skill there and perhaps If you wanna enjoy yourself, don’t let Instagram take part of it, If It’s in you’re not yourself but pretending being yourself. So we’re clear here?

At least you got a coffee, being alone. It's the best time to do nothing there, let Instagram show the world what people wanna expect and try to be not part of it. They just show the winning side, not the struggle, pains or fails, but the peace actually around us right now. It’s my judges from here, you don’t have to delete an account, just control from temptation and never ever let people, especially our followers see our excitement.


We should hang out together sometimes, share each other story like this



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