Roti Cane Pak Yasin

The Trio Breakfast-making Club I should claim, the three muskeeters started business as usual before the sun rise our day, I wanna introduce the first main character, Mr. Yasin or Pak Yasin I calls, a master of Roti Cane, his super hands can flip Roti Cane against the heat, full of passion with doughs, blue regular jeans with black boot, Pakistani man with his talent with Roti Cane where one of the influences people for the category breakfast list in Pontianak.

The second, Pak Toke, I didn't know his name, wears short pants and shirt with a simple sandal, just like a chinese man open the business hours in Hong Kong market , manage the order for drinks and writes the order for Pak Yasin, he’s the owner of Cafe there, Pak Yasin just making a stand there until they do a business each together for long-term, I don’t realize I didn’t ask how many years they do business, this is how Pak toke do a business, a collaboration. Breakfast made people wanna drink, to hangout, with the morning peaces, so he is responsible for coffee or tea making, also with his wife by the side. But I prefer Pak Toke’s wife making coffee for me, although with the same tools, not only keeping the cashier, her coffee is better than Pak Toke.

The last one, Parking Man, looks young in his 30s, always wearing a hat, sometimes with Kopiah, ‘Abang tukang parkir’, he greets the customers after cars or motorcycles parked clear, with his smile and asks what’s been mood for today, of course we always getting better after he asked and in front of us with Roti Cane getting fried, so we’re exciting. This parking man always gets a vibe and makes conversation with Pak Yasin and Pak Toke, we pretend we didn't hear it, they always make fun of each other, with strong melayu accents, strong enough to make me. Sometimes this parking man always help Pak Yasin, hands the food to customers if It’s crowded and full.

One of my favorite places. It’s been a long time since I went there. I hope they keep healthier and safe. Some of the customers are friends with them, including my family. Also there’s this customer lives not far from this Cafe, the legend of Nasi Padang Beringin, the funny is in the next his place also sells Roti Cane, but he prefers breakfast with Pak Yasin masterpieces, I respect him to seeking artsy in the morning and he loves hangout there.

Interesting story I ever heard, even the governor also take away this Roti Cane, he never dine in, the hidden breakfast dish before local figure start a day, Roti Cane with a meat curry is delighting secret, simple but leaving a mark, bewares emotions comes on decision, I never getting better than with Roti Cane Pak Yasin, even I ordered a twice, It’s essentials, I even contract with Pak Yasin, so he knows my Roti always with two pieces and he don't forget every time I arrived, even his assistant.

If I really enjoyed the vibe and a small cafe, with positive feelings from people, where they enjoyed speaking each other, not to be serious at all even if they getting argument, but Pak Yasin have a weakness here, that’s why I called in the first The Three Musketeers, they belong each other.

If the Cafe going full and some people are also waiting for takeaway, Pak Yasin sometimes forget the order list, Pak Toke handle those situations, his bumpy hands are dominating his mind, dancing and turning in out Roti Cane only with his six pack fingers, direct contact with the heat, his guarantee just to make sure his hands keeps oily. The reason is that his Roti Cane has unique crunchies, like picking leafs and eating like nobody saw it before my curry arrived, for my requests, please keep a double Roti Cane in my one plate.


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