Capacity First, Intimacy Later

I hate to say this, but Runners love junk food, they needs calories to burn, they know how to balance the body and listen like their friends, they eat it before doing the run, junk foods that salty and processed foods with a protein, not sugar, It’s an excitement before run, a pleasure they need to fill first, before goes through the pain.

In my case, a night before I ran a half-marathon, I did eat Nasi Goreng Size Normal Siti Fatimah, famous on Pontianak, 2 packages, added with Telur Dadar, with much oily food there. So this is much of a carb, maybe around more than 2500 calories. I was worrying about myself, after I forced myself to eat these, I walked around first for 20 minutes and moved just like a little dancing, drinking a glass of mineral water first before falling asleep. The next morning, I felt ashamed, made me feel sorry, even though I have planned to do a long run before, I just followed the flow, wore an adidas shirt, shoes, stretching and ciao.

So I feel energy since I start the timer in my watch, an excitement, a relaxed running and a motivation going full energy, until I realized I can do 21,05 KM within 2 hours more, above hot sunshine, although in the middle run I lacked some mineral water and catched it first. After Finishing the run, walked back home at 9am. Lucky day is a holiday, almost arrived. I felt like stopping by in Warung, drinking a Cola with Ice. Satisfied.

Arriving and getting some rest, I decided to eat an oatmeal mixed with pure honey and coffee without sugar. I called it an intimacy for my body, full nutritions, and the foundation from Protein. This is how they build muscle, form a strong core and improve metabolism. Lucky me, my lunch was served with fried chicken and Tempe, Petai and Vegetable dishes. I pleasure my body with rich nutrients and they fix themselves after messing my body with running. It upgrades my body system, when I sleep for around 45 minutes in the afternoon.

What's happening here? It's not my first time after all. I read so much before, a myth that runners love eating Spaghetti before doing a long run, turns out to be true, but if you have experienced running for more than two years, It’s okay, since they know how to balance them.

I saw this as saving capacity, junk foods you can try before a run and doing intimacy, real foods must have after run. A little happiness for runners.

Usain Bolt, he eats McDonalds Nuggets in two weeks, he might want to enjoy the pleasure eating and uninterrupted stomach, before the pain takes control as soon as he runs. It might be Usain Bolt's feelings, why does he have to simulate pain first before running? while you can have a choice of enjoying comfort first?

I’m going to try five pieces of KFC’s fried chicken. Can I do a long-run like I did with two Nasi Goreng Jumbo?


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