Martabak Telur No Salt MSG Please

The best night snack era for being friends of watching Wong Kar-Wai films, Martabak Telur, except I have one rule, no MSG and no salts please.

You cant access the recipes, but you can limit their creations. Quantum spaces where Martabak can encourage some innovations, full of possibility, except the dough, just a static calorie I cant count, the prices you order maybe affect the carb you got, if you are eating alone anyway.

Since the choices make me you confused, I just started with my essential Martabak, near my home, I just walking in front of my complex houses, between around 8pm Its my best time since I have to discipline with my sleep time and I usually order the biggest, Its saving my calories for the next morning running, thats my desire actually, the behavior when you can buy Martabak Asin just walking to the front, deserve be one of my happiness, lucky one getting easy access.

While waiting with strange customers I never saw before, I just hang out in the small store there with magnificent light and I know the owner, a local businessman, loves to sell everything that most people really need, Internet packages and smartphone accessories. Sit around there, then he started speaking out knowing exactly What am I was doing there “Martabak, huh?”, “Did you ever buy the biggest one and eating alone? - I ever did it man, It’s good, even better if I guard this store and watch something” . That’s me after all, I don’t need to confirm “me too” after all, he's a smoker and eater - Me I’m just an eater and drinking soda.

While the seller making the Martabak, I ever recorded the time, the fastest was around 7 minutes, if there are no customers and the heat matched with his mood and a dough he released into the pans, sure Can I say it deserves a masterpiece?, We see the kitchen circus from a hidden talent on the street, people just get silenced when he performs with a dough, or disrespect waiting while looking around and swiping WhatsApp stories, only children so curious with those motions “How can he do that? - I wanna try it”.

The classic reason I order with Salt and MSG, because their flavor meats have been salted, It may added with Royco (processed flavor), so I don’t need a doubles MSG in my Martabak, one of the sellers I ever buy from, looks surprised, some of them hiding their expressions, looks professional just say “Ok, bang” “Ok, sir” - even one of the seller offers alternative “Can I put the sugar?” Clear no.

It’s a positive feedback for my body, I don’t care about size matters on Martabak. Sure It goes to number of eggs. Not only protein there, but I don’t quite sure if there is good protein inside it after fried, Not surprising, eggs also have carbohydrates there, carbs. So the formula must be carbs and eggs in there, don’t forget a protein on slice of meats, It's a rich foundation for your body. I have approved I can run around 10K after a night with Martabak Jumbo, but It doesn’t go instant when you still can’t control your body.

Don’t mind the menu with sugar, Martabak manis, necessary but if you hang out with friends or family or if you spend the money from others,. Another level of dangerous, except you really deserve it after working hard with your body, burning so much fat in entire day, outdoor works or you run a marathon and you need long sleep, a sweet cheese you carve for the exhausting of your body and you need better.

People can comment on the sweetness of Martabak Manis, Apam Pinang, because every person has different styles for their desire. But the body doesnt need your style, they need essentials. If people wanna comment on Martabak Telur, they speak up about the saltness level “Oh it’s salty” and crispy dough on every side from Martabak, you can’t miss it, same level with the skin from fried chicken, different feelings, right? - Well even Martabak, We wish for different sides of the details right there.

This excitement feels nothing when I’m writing, except Martabak Telur in front of me. Don’t let my keyboard get oil

Carbs = Carhobydrate


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