Taste of Dark

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

How can you taste a romance? - Listening Miles Jazz or get hot coffee in a
lonely space, never be good than feeling classy in a solitude. Or hang out with
friends, sure that's gonna be the best, pumping your confidence, being
vulnerable with women, doesn't matter as long as It's gonna made them smile, so valuable.

What's so special about this depression age? - Being a gentleman, have a good
business, working with good wage monthly, this hang out of writing, never gonna make you feel goods, just writing behind with my soda and
my eyes thrown out with Netflix's Cowboy Bebop.

You know, everyone said they have own their struggle, indeed, honestly from
me, your family matters, whatever It is your ambition, a milestone you wanna catch, gonna
married, don't let the dark side falls to you, still the light comes from a
family, especially your mom. She always blessing you whatever you do, contribute
in this world, don't tell the world you have struggled, tell your mom you
have been better and what's been fail.

It's not only we looking for the inner peace, now the younger
ones like me, have been good to discipline themselve getting better on quality,
they can catch the target, workout every three days in a week, such a drive.
We never enough.

I'm gonna ask a question, how do you do? - Looking better, right, of course,
It means you don't have to shame on yourself, you looks classic never better
than before. Such a weird feeling, even you can't tell to your friends, see
there are no such fasten out to get rid our troubles, right? Even I can't sleep
all night, worrying myself. That's why younger ones hate
being alone, without social media, their mind gonna disturb
themselves, we hate accepts it. After all you might getting worse, after addicted.

Did I mention wrong, It's addicting?

With the age of TikTok, you can never taste of dark. Metaverse will come, such a
waste right, you gonna never learn how to control your emotions, maybe, or you gonna
never face a real life, maybe, or you never be a human that never be
intimidated. So back to the first question, how can you taste a romance?


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