Too good not to releease it

Since I have a written short thoughts that I wanna share with my followers on social media.

It's not classy at all.

Jadi aku putuskan untuk membuat folder baru "Memo". Untuk suatu emosi yang bisa di ceritakan.

Mungkin contohnya begini:

Kadang masa depan tidak mesti tergantung dengan tercanggih atau terbaru.

You know I feel bad with iPhone 13,

Since then, I prefer vintages way, Communicator (Classic phone with phone and viideo call), A Laptop with just a terminal, books

And real foods

I know these products are shiny at all.. People really love those things

So I realize you don't need a fear of nothing with latest devices when thinks offuture.

So what is your style? bro and sis.

Salah satu contoh memo, daripada aku share ke sosial media, enak jadi tulisan ya lol.


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